Ethan’s Story

Ethan is a happy, super energetic, curiosity-driven 2.5 year old with profound hearing loss, global delays, and seizures. Ethan is a miracle baby and to this day astounds us with all of his progress and accomplishments.

In May of 2012, Ethan was assessed by the school district, and was found to have delays in many of the different developmental areas including gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, speech, and a few others. After touring ICEC in July and observing the staff encouraging and interacting with the children, we felt ICEC was the program we wanted for our son. Ethan started ICEC in August 2012. We felt very welcomed by the staff and encouraged with the wealth of educated suggestions to help Ethan reach his developmental milestones. It is now Ethan’s second year and we are amazed at his progress in the program. Ethan is excited for his program days at ICEC, and loves all of his teachers.

ICEC holds a very special place in our hearts. Not only have they helped our son accomplish milestones, but they have also encouraged us, laughed with us, cried with us, and most of all supported us through this journey that we were not originally prepared for.