Rocco’s Story

ICEC changed our son Rocco’s life and had such an amazing impact on our families life. The positive impact that the Early Intervention Program and the Tops Pre-Preschool program had on Rocco made him who he is today.

The parent mentor program helped us with our “new normal” and “doing life” with our son. We are so thankful and beyond grateful for all the therapists, teachers and staff, as well as the support, guidance, compassion shown towards our family and the relationships cultivated with other parents.  We are so proud to be part of the ICEC family.

Rocco started the Early Intervention program at 6 weeks old and then graduated and went on to ICEC until age 3. ICEC gave Rocco the best head start in life, helping him reach all his milestones to be school ready for preschool. ICEC focused on everything Rocco needed to be successful in an inclusive classroom and prepared us for our first IEP (Individualized Educational Plan).

ICEC is a life changer! We will always hold a special place for ICEC in our hearts️.